Balarte Hotel, is an oasis of peace that stimulates the mind.

Balarte Hotel was conceived with the intention of providing an out of the ordinary experience.

Seven rooms (2 superior, 5 suites) created by seven young artists from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. A state-of-the-art Hotel where the avantgarde finds shape and colour.

Thus each room becomes an artistic installation that never takes itself seriously and that rather asserts its amusing and ironic character. Endless details to be discovered; details that reveal themselves throughout your stay.

The challenge becomes even more charming because Balarte is nestled in the green and sun-kissed countryside that is so typical of this corner of Sicily, the aromas and colours are quintessential elements of our environmental philosophy.

The outdoor spaces, both private and public, are created to give guests the opportunity to take delight in this richness.

The bio-pool with its plant-based purification system, eliminating the use of any chemicals, completes our micro system.

A corner for you to rest and relax, suitable only for adult guests,

Balarte Hotel, is an oasis of peace that stimulates the mind.


Our Region

Balarte Hotel is located between Modica and Pozzallo, both within a 10 minute car journey.

The southeast of Sicily retains areas of untouched territory with architectural wonders that have been recognised by UNESCO, which declared the Val di Noto a World Heritage Site.

The baroque style had undisputed dominion over the landscape of Modica, Scicli, Ragusa and Noto, where the imposing grandeur of the cathedrals assumes the rounded contours of the baroque.

Right in the middle of the Mediterranean scrub the land produces products blessed with intense flavours and aromas, and the local cuisine lends appreciation to the genuine sense and profound meaning of this generous land. The dishes become a mirror of the area; fresh fish every day, speaks of a warm sea and golden beaches that tourists can freely experience in abundance.

Balarte Hotel is located at the heart of everything described here; it is the home of your journey through the senses.

Hotel barocco Modica
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