M’OUBLIER (superior room)

This work, its creation the product of a synaesthetic vision, draws its inspiration from Dino Campana’s poem, In un momento, (‘One Moment’).

Composed of vaguely melancholic aftertastes, and immersed in a dimension of markedly romantic features, the piece is seemingly anachronistic, being, as it is, evoked by the more recent of artistic expressions; the video.

The work draws upon historical avant-garde and on the idea of producing a synaesthetic work. However, it is principally inspired by ‘libro oggetto, libro d’artista’, a concept widely explored by Futurists, and that still today has many supporters.

It is a work that is set in motion through associations and references, a work that ‘wants’ to be read. It is a work that depends upon the ticking of time, because it is precisely within this passage of time – so fragile, so transient, so brief – that its beauty lies hidden.

Fluid and light, it traces the pages of the room, changing. The video expands beyond its confines. It invades the body, the simple spectator becoming an integral part of the work; engulfed by it, enveloped by it, rendering it ‘multimedia’.

It is a work that gazes upon literature, but does not have need of it. A work that lives through atmosphere, amongst its traditional tastes, which serve only to emphasise the text of Campana.

It is an undeniable homage to Woman, who, in a vaguely Leopardian conception, dons  nature’s attire and becomes now mother and stepmother ; Mother Nature, Mother Earth. She is a creature emerging from the subsoil; a possessor of power; the focus of each gaze, of each thought; swathed in the veils of such an unlikely shroud.

One moment.


In un momento  (‘One Moment’)

Withered are the roses

Their petals fallen

For I could not forget the roses

We sought them together

We found roses

Her roses, my roses, they were

We called this journey love

With our blood, with our teardrops, we made roses

That glistened for one moment in the morning sunshine

Beneath that sun, amongst those thorns, we withered them.

The roses that were not our roses

My roses, her roses.



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Information about the room

  • Adults: 2
  • 26 square meters
Included services

  • Private bathroom
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Mini-bar
  • Heating and cooling system
  • TV
  • Private veranda in the garden
  • W-fi
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Hotel suitable for young people and adults, minimum 14 years old. The cost of each extra bed is € 35 a night . If canceled up to 2 days before arrival date no fee will be charged (except for prepaid rate, not refundable). If canceled or modified later 2 days prior the arrival, the early departure or no-show , will be charged the full cost of the stay.
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